Team Churrascaria
 Chatham, Ontario
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Aiden Poole
Age: 20
Birthplace: Chatham, Ontario
Resides: London, Ontario
Started Curling: 2004
Throws: Right
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Tye Juniper
Age: 20
Birthplace: Chatham, Ontario
Resides: Ottawa , Ontario
Started Curling: 2004
Throws: Right
Player Photo Second
Oliver Campbell
Age: 21
Birthplace: Chatham, Ontario
Resides: Waterloo, Ontario
Started Curling: 2003
Throws: Right
Player Photo Lead
Devon Weese
Age: 20
Birthplace: Chatham, Ontario
Resides: Waterloo, Ontario
Started Curling: 2013
Throws: Right
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Welcome to Chatham's culinary destination of choice.
From the Mediterranean taste of Portugal to the mouth
watering taste of the authentic Churrascaria Steakhouse,
The Chatham Breakfast House and Grille offers
Celebrating it's 153'rd season along the Thames River, The Chatham Granite Club has five sheets of pristine modern curling ice, change rooms with lockers and a licensed lounge facility with fully equipped kitchen. Our lounge is air conditioned and available yearly for functions such as business meetings, showers, weddings, and parties. The Chatham Granite Club also operates a fully stocked Goldline© pro shop for all of your curling equipment needs.

Our ice conditions are quick and curly, just like professional ice today.  As modern as it comes, our ice is professionally maintained and considered Welcome to the Armoury of Chatham. This century-old heritage property adorns the edge of the Tecumseh Park on the banks of the picturesque Thames River.

Owner Dan Warrener's vision to turn this former military training facility into a premium multi-functional facility came to life in 2009 when the purchase of this historical building was completed.

The restoration plans have been designed to protect the heritage details of this landmark building.

The newly redesigned facility will be a happening place for wedding receptions, conferences and other large functions with a total seating capacity of 550. The building is currently being renovated and will feature a modern kitchen, a bride and groom suite, high speed internet and will be wheel chair accessible.

The land on which the Armoury sits was designated as a military reserve by Lt. Gov. John Graves Simcoe in 1794. The Armoury building was completed in 1905. The Armoury was occupied by the Kent Regiment until 1954.

The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment occupied the building until 2006 when they moved to a new facility on Bloomfield Road. The purchase of the facility came at the end of 18 months of negotiations with federal and municipal officials.
Hardline™ Curling Equipment was established in 2009. Five curling buddies started the company, each bringing something to the table. Every step of the way we made certain that each and every product carried met our high standards. Even today, we test all products we manufacture - making sure that they are durable, functional and good value. Our commitment to you will always be the same: to inspire, educate and outfit you for a lifetime of curling.Sunrise Steel Solutions has expertise in the areas of pre-heat, post weld heat treatment and bolt torquing solutions. We focus on disciplines such as induction, annealing, quenching, tempering and refractory curing.

Sunrise Steel Solutions is an industry leader in thermal combustion heat treating and can provide combustion services for all industries.

We specialize in providing our mechanical clients with all the necessary equipment, consumables, training and expertise to perform several services “In House”, at competitive prices with a quality and performance second to none.

Whatever your thermal processing or industrial bolting requirements may be, we can design, manufacture, and supply with full support and service as well as a quality and performance guarantee.
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