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    Jo-Ann Rizzo
Age: 54
Birthplace: Zweibrucken, Germany
Resides: Brantford, Ontario
Throws: Right
  2020 Highland Mixed Doubles Classic
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Questions and Answers

Who\What introduced you to Curling?
My mom was an avid curler. She introduced me to the game.

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?
I like to get to the rink early to warm up. I don't like to feel rushed.

What is your career highlight to date?
Participating in the Olympic trails was a thrill.

What is one shot you would like to try again?

Who was influential in your curling development?
Shorty Jenkins (uncle) He taught me a lot about the game. Jim Waite, coach at university continued to be influential in teaching me the game.

What is your favourite sport other then curling?
The olympic games, I could watch them 24/7

What is your earliest curling memory?
Trying to sneak up to the upstairs lounge at my club in Baden Sollingen, Germany. Ice tech/ manager at the time was Keith Wendorf who kept a close eye on me because I was a minor

What kind of Training Regimen do you follow?
My training incorporates spinning, TRX, jogging and a weight program. This training is intense during the off season and a maintenance she joe is followed in the curling season.

What are your curling strengths?
Draws and hits. Socializing after the game.

What are your curling weaknesses?

What kind of goals have you set for yourself?
I would really like to compete at a Scottie's and another Olympic trials.

Do others in your Family curl?
Husband Nick won provincial junior title and has competed at numerous men's provincials. Currently plays part time on the senior tour.

What do you enjoy most about curling?
The friendships you make.

Other Olympic Sport you'd like to try?
Bob sled

Most memorable curling experience?
Standing on the podium in Japan, listening our nation anthem. I was able to repeat that in China.

Who is your greatest competitor?

Who is your curling rival?

Place you'd like to build a curling club?
I sheet of ice in my basement.

Who are your favourite athlete/heros?
Joe Sakic

What other sports do you play?

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can say the alphabet backwards (I'm half Newfie)

What is the best advice you've ever received?
Don't sweat the small stuff A positive outlook will bring positive results.

Name one thing that's in your bucket list?
Live a long healthy life

What sporting event would you most like to attend?
Nfl Super Bowl

What do you wish you were better at?
Curling, golf, music

Person past or present you would most like to have dinner with?
My mom because I miss her.

What is your favourite movie?
Forrest Gump

What are your favourite television shows?
Big Bang Criminal minds.

Where would you like to spend a week's vacation?

What hobbies do you have?
Golf, jogging, reading

What's your Education background?
University of western Ontario St. Bonaventure University N.Y.

What is your favourite food?

Something unique about yourself?
1999 - Chicago marathon 2009 - triathlon

Which cartoon character best represents your personality?
Wonder Woman

Who is your favourite book?
Book of Negroes

Coolest city you've lived in?
Growing up in Germany was very cool.

What is your favourite colour?

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