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    Jenn Baxter
Age: 32
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Resides: Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Throws: Right
Profession: Student
College/University: MSVU
In Own Words:
Curling is my passion

Curling Highlights:
Playing with Maryanne arsenault, Colleen Jones, and Kim Kelly

Junior Highlights:
2007 provincials champions

  2019 GOLDLINE Victoria Mixed Doubles
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Questions and Answers

Who\What introduced you to Curling?

Do you have any pre-game superstitions or rituals?
Nope. I just like to be with my team and feel like a part of a unit. Although I do love listening to 'you're a superstar' by Love inc. and 'Burn it to the ground" by Nickelback

What is your career highlight to date?
I had a goal of making a junior nationals, so achieving that in 2007 was unbelievable. Also playing with 4 curling legends has been amazing, I could not have dreamed to be in the position I am in, there is no better way to gain knowledge and experience than to be doing it and learning from Colleen, Maryanne and Kim

What is one shot you would like to try again?
I am sure one will be coming up in my future, but nothing comes to mind

Who was influential in your curling development?
Tara Hamer was my first coach, who is currently Tara Naugler. I looked up to her, she always made everything fun. I feel in love with the sport because of her.

What is your favourite sport other then curling?
I have been playing flag football for the past 3 years and have loved every minute of it! I also like to play watch and play soccer.

What is your earliest curling memory?
Putting on a helmet and going out for my first lesson with my sister Nicole, and the girl who took us out was a beautiful blonde named Nicole as well. We went out on sheet one and only had half the sheet.

What kind of Training Regimen do you follow?
We have an extraordinary personal trainer Neil Hayes, so I do whatever he tells me. He gives me the programs and I follow them and complain the whole time!

What are your curling strengths?
The feel for draw weight

What kind of goals have you set for yourself?
I want to consistently improve in the game, as in always learn and gain knowledge, become a stronger sweeper, refine any position I play

Do others in your Family curl?
My sister and I curled in juniors together. Now she plays with my father on Sunday nights.

What do you enjoy most about curling?
I enjoy being competitive and performing under pressure. I love being a part of a team. I love everything that comes along with it, maybe not everyday, but overall the experiences are incredible.

What have you learned through curling?
I have learned how to take constructive criticism and how to work together in a team. Working as a team is so important in everything else. I learn something from this sport everyday, whether it is only relevant to the sport or relevant to everyday life.

Other Olympic Sport you'd like to try?
All of them, I love trying new things. Always in awe of watching other athletes

Most memorable curling experience?
First time representing NS at a nationals. Being piped in at the first game and feeling so proud to have accomplished my goal.

Place you'd like to build a curling club?
My backyard so I wouldn't have to go anywhere go practice and could practice anytime

Who are your favourite athlete/heros?
The women I am curling with

What other sports do you play?
Flag football and soccer. And I try to golf sometimes, rather unsuccessful though.

Do you have any hidden talents?
No, I try not to hide anything. But really no other talents

What is the best advice you've ever received?
I heard a quote while at the Jones's rink induction to the NS Sport Hall of Fame, "if you want to be a winner, surround yourself with winners". I think I am doing pretty well with that so far!

What sporting event would you most like to attend?
I would love to go to a World Cup and watch some soccer. The crowds look intense and amazing. Of course, first I would love to make a Scotties

What do you wish you were better at?
Golf, cause I could make more money playing that sport!!!!

What is your favourite movie?
Country Strong

What are your favourite television shows?
Big Bang theory, revenge, glee, Rookie Blue

What is your favourite music? Groups?
I love country

Where would you like to spend a week's vacation?
Anywhere I haven't been before. I would love to spend a week travelling through Europe where I can sight see

What hobbies do you have?

What's your Education background?
I did my Elementary education degree at Mount Saint Vincent. As well I have an undergraduate degree from their in Math.

What is your favourite food?
Homemade donairs

Who is your favourite book?
The girl with the dragon tattoo

What is your favourite colour?

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