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2016/17 Brushing Guidelines

One of the issues we've been working on is how we're going to handle the brushing rules for the early season events. The World Curling Federation is not ruling on brushing until their meetings in early September, so we wont have any official rules to work with yet.

While the rules aren't set, it seems the guidelines are in place as curling manufacturers are all working with what we expect to be the one fabric that will be allowed on ice.

We will be following these expected guidelines with only these heads allowed on the ice for the event. Players can only use their own brush (no switching) and only one brush pad per game per player.
I have confirmed with major manufacturers that heads will be available for the first event in Oakville, so please contact your supplier to make sure you have enough brush heads for the weekend. We will attempt to have some stock available as well.

To make this easier to enforce, we ask teams to leave their broom bags in the locker room and bring out the four brushes they will be using on ice for sweeping along with any marked throwing devices.
After announcing this a couple weeks ago, we've heard of some teams having challenges getting pads and we'll consider alternatives as they come up. Should a team not have pads available, we will advise they use pads available allowing their opposition to use similar technology available at the end of last season. This will only be an option if pads are not readily available on site at the event.

Once the World Curling Federation announces the official rules, we will follow all guidelines as noted.
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Top 20 Men: (as of )
4.   John Epping 449.677 
14.   Glenn Howard 256.247 
29.   Mark Bice 131.931 
31.   Greg Balsdon 121.848 
35.   Dayna Deruelle 109.229 
37.   Scott Bailey 103.744 
40.   Codey Maus 97.246 
46.   Mark Kean 89.482 
55.   Chris Gardner 68.156 
57.   Pat Ferris 63.555 
61.   Jake Higgs 60.066 
66.   Richard Krell 53.639 
68.   Steve Allen 51.944 
71.   Mike Harris 48.948 
74.   Brent Ross 46.531 
79.   Ryan LeDrew 42.051 
80.   Sebastien Robillard 39.937 
82.   Ben Bevan 39.341 
83.   Daryl Shane 37.632 
89.   Ian Dickie 33.352 
90.   Wayne Tuck Jr. 33.064 
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Men's Money List
1. Koe $15,000
2. Edin $14,000
3. Gushue $12,200
4. Gunnlaugson $8,200
5. Epping $6,500
6. Smith $5,600
7. van Dorp $4,600
8. Morris $4,000
Jacobs $4,000
McEwen $4,000
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